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Welcome to Street Preaching & Evangelism

Proclamation of the Gospel

What is street evangelism? It is simply preaching or proclaiming the Gospel on the streets. This is most commonly known as “open air” preaching. I first heard of open air preaching when I was reading a book on evangelism that documented a conference where evangelists from all over the world spoke on different topics. There was a segment devoted to open air preaching. I will never forget the comment made by one gentlemen. He said, “public speaking causes butterflies in the stomach, but open air preaching causes helicopters.” Most open air preachers just use their voice without any amplification. I have used both and prefer to use the amp if I can. This type of evangelism (street preaching) is primarily a "seed sowing" endeavor. In John 4:37 Jesus talks about the different roles of workers in the fields of harvest. I have come to realize that not every preacher is an evangelist and not every evangelist proclaims the Gospel on the streets. Public proclamation of the Gospel is my niche in the army of God.

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The Itinerant Evangelist

The Lord has graced me with the ministry of preaching the Gospel on the street for over six years now. Most of which has been full time. During the last couple years I have been traveling around the United States preaching in the major cities. Most of these have been on the West Coast. When everyone was looking for Jesus he said this: Luke 4:42-43. I believe that God in His providence controls the ministers who travel and those who don't. Traveling to different cities has been on my heart for many years and although it is out of my comfort zone, God has been so faithful.

My travel has slowed down since my open-heart surgery. Currently I reside in Oakland, California which I call homebase. I am on staff with SOS Ministries and also head up the street preaching ministry of my local church - Christ Bible Church. For more information regarding this I refer you to the Contact Page.

Street Preaching Distinctives

Street preaching has a notorious reputation and a stigma because of the vast amount of it being too harsh or bizarre. There are different styles of street preaching. There is what is called "Shock & Awe", as well as, a more mild approach. You may be wondering what do I do out there.

I have written an article that describes what makes the ministry the Lord has given me distinct. This not only gives others a sketch of what the methodology is, but it helps me as well to constantly evaluate myself against the Word of God. Read Article: Street Preaching Distinctives

Philip the Evangelist

In Acts 8:5 we see the start of Philip's ministry as an evangelist. As I continue to study the life and ministry of Philip, I have found the ministry the Lord has given me to be very similar. In 1 Cor. 12:4-6 we see the variety of ministries and callings. Even those who consider themselves evangelists do not have the exact same role.

In the Bible concerning Philip; there is nothing to indicate that he did anything to train others. He didn't follow up on converts or do anything else but preach to new people in new areas led by the Holy Spirit. Perhaps once settled in Caesarea he did these other things. At some point he was married and perhaps his wife traveled with him. This is unknown. Philip was submissive to the apostles, but generally worked alone. Philip preached to crowds and witnessed to individuals. Philip displayed sign gifts and baptized those who were converted under his ministry. There's so much more we can glean from God's Word concerning this wonderful man of God.

At least 15 people in the New Testament are referred to as apostles, a few as prophets, several as teachers, and a few (local church elders) as pastors of the churches. Only one person, however, is called an evangelist. Paul instructs Timothy to “do the work of an evangelist” 2 Tim 4:5, but he was never called an evangelist. Only Philip, one of the original seven is called an evangelist Acts 21:8.

The term evangelist was used to describe all preachers of the good news. Although a part of every minister’s duty, there are those whose entire ministry is devoted to preach the gospel and bring the opportunity of salvation to the unsaved. Philip is the only New Testament example we are given of this ministry.

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